Steven Wicks


Call This Living

by Steven Wicks

Released 06/09/2017
Released 06/09/2017
A quirky dig at 21st century numbness
The idea to make a "solo" album was born out of necessity and reading this page or listening to any one song on the album you'll see that it is anything but a solo effort. In fact some of the songs on this album were due to be recorded with the band Supacow and added to those already recorded at Bleach studios in 2015, but circumstance - distance, work and other commitments - played their part in ensuring it was not to be, so the Supacow LP became the Supacow EP, Holidays in Gittana.
Following the release of the EP in April 2016, I had these 3 or 4 songs that really needed to be recorded so I got round to arranging some others and proposed the idea of recording an album in summer 2016. With just a bass player at hand it seemed like a tall order, but soon drummer and co-producer Meme agreed to play the drums and Producer Andrea Maglia provided a couple of his trademark licks on one or two tracks.
The opening track, You're a man, man, was co-written by my lifelong partner in rhyme, Nick Mars.
An acoustic part was performed by Francesco Luzzi on the ballad Stand up.
So, like I said, not solo at all really.